Members and everyone, obviously there have been some issues with the forum, sorry for the downtime and absence. There are “bots’ at work that have hacked the site and have been difficult to shield, but have been successfully eliminated. We’re strategizing ways to permanently eliminate these threats, and at the same time discussing improvements that I’ve had in mind for quite some time now. Thank you for your patience and for your participation in the past, present and future. We hope to announce some nice improvements to the forum soon, as well as some new ways to empower ourselves and grow our skills! Please check back in on this page, the Paintucation Facebook page, or watch your email for announcements if you’re members and we have a current email address. 2014 is off to an exciting start! We’re looking forward to serving you much better information and content very soon! In the meantime I can always be reached through if you have any questions or need tech help. Happy New Year! Sincerely, Kevin Tetz Paintucation LLC